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ginseng root

Powerful antioxidant-rich botanical that detoxifies, combat puffiness, boost skins hydration and improves texture. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce redness.

Natural Science

Ginseng contains high levels of uronic acid, polyphenols and flavonoid antioxidants. Compound K, a known photoprotectant for skin provides antiaging by protecting the skin from UVB rays and increasing skin moisture levels.


Its anti-aging benefits of ginseng are superior, with studies showing that ginseng can help increase blood vessel and cell proliferation which in turn increases metabolism and contributes to its anti-aging benefits.

How Its Used 

We use ginseng in The Biotic Glow™ Ferment Essence to soothe, protect and provide antioxidants to the skin, amplifying the formulas unique anti-aging effects.


Research shows that ginseng plays a pivotal role in skin protection by blocking UVB rays, preventing the degradation of collagen and is suitable for hydrating and anti-wrinkle cosmetic use.


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