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Saccharide Isomerate

Heirloom Corn

Saccharide isomerate is a maize derived moisturizing factor that provides deep hydration, rebalances microbial activity and stimulates the epidermal barrier building blocks to reinforce and restore healthy looking skin.

Natural Science

This deep moisturizing maize derived humectant binds to water and locks water within the skin for hours. It also strengthens the skin’s barrier by boosting acid sphingomyelinase enzyme, protects skin by boosting loricrin protein and increases the skin’s natural water content by boosting filaggrin.


Saccharide isomerate delivers deep long lasting hydration by creating a reservoir which locks water within skin for up to 72 hours based on independent studies. It also helps to tackle the five signs of dehydrated skin such as dullness, roughness, flakiness, tightness and redness.

How Its Used

You can find saccharide isomerate in many of our products designed to heal dryness. Find it in Amaretto and Biotic Hand Remedy and (Glyco-Biotic) Ultra-Synbiotic Facial.


Research shows that saccharide isomerates effectiveness is due in part to its unique plant derived molecule. This molecule is highly similar to the carbohydrate complex found in human skin, therefore when applied to the skins surface it achieves homeostasis with the natural skin barrier elements.


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