Discovering the best probiotic cream for dry hands

I’ve always been slightly obsessed with skin care because after all it is our largest organ. We often forget that. I didn't pursue a career in beauty, instead I wanted to care for people during their most vulnerable moments. One thing that I learned immediately was the importance of hand hygiene, simple hand washing. Hand washing is the single most important strategy to prevent infections including the spread of bacteria and viruses. Hand washing save lives, end of story. But with that came the ever-prevalent uncomfortable dry hands.

Dry, itchy, cracked hands that seemed to never feel better even after using those so-called best hand creams sold on online beauty review blogs. After a long shift I would often enter into my google search bar: “dry hands cream”, a fairly regular occurrence. I felt like I had tried every hand cream out there. Nothing had the functionality that I needed in my line of work. At times the dry hands were so unbearable that it was all I thought about. Not only at work but when I got home and in my everyday life. Another thing that was always on my mind was the fact that I was killing not only the bad bacteria, but also the good ones too! I needed a really good cream for dry hands, one that was good for your skin and also supported the good bacteria that were there to protect the skin barrier.

Search for the best cream for dry hands

I was always in search of the perfect hand cream and to my surprise none were effective or functional, as I could not apply the cream and get right back to work. These so-called amazing creams for dry hands either had a long drying period, strong fragrances or toxic ingredients, none of which I wanted to deal with. The most frustrating quality was the long drying period or the stickiness that the hand creams left. A quality that was not good for a very busy medical professional with multiple patient to see within the hour.

I may have tried the best luxury hand creams out there but none of them satisfied my needs. I wanted a hand cream that was extremely light weight, provided great hydration, moisturized and was fast drying so that a busy nurse, doctor or any medical professional could get back to work immediately! But with all those functional aspects, I wanted my so-called “best ever cream for dry hands” to be protective of the skin’s microbiome. I wanted to help restore some of those lost metabolites, bacteria and emollients to help support the microbiome. I also wanted my hand cream to be natural and exclude toxic ingredients.

What is probiotic skin care?

On my quest for the best cream for dry hands I researched the formulation of probiotics in skin care, an innovative approach to caring for the whole skin. In short, the focus of probiotic skin care is on how to care for the not only the physical skin but also the little microbes that inhabit it. The good bacteria that live on our skin are there to help keep the bad bacteria out and maintain balance.

Probiotics are typically known as the "good bacteria" and for very good reason. To understand how probiotic infused skincare work we must understand what probiotics do and its interaction with a thing called the microbiome. Probiotics are the good bacteria that reside on your skin in an environment called the microbiome and helps to maintain balance within that environment and the production of beneficial metabolites. Shifting the skins microbiome out of balance can lead to many unpleasant effects that manifest visibly on the skins surface which probiotic skin care attempts to address.

The most well-known probiotics are those for your gut, however recent studies have shown that those beneficial effects that probiotics deliver to your gut are also great for your skin too! The most common probiotics investigated for dermatological disorders belong to the family Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Research into probiotics for skin conditions is a fairly new field but the evidence has suggested that probiotics can help with a variety of skin conditions.

Best lotion for frequently washed hands

It was out of the frustration to find a functional cream for dry hands and the benefits of inclusion of probiotics into skincare formulations that nuebiome™ was created. I wanted to formulate a skin care line that was supportive of the good bacteria that lived on the skin and also help to alleviate the discomfort that was experienced from constant hand washing. 

During our extensive research it was  discovered that by incorporating probiotics into the formulations it would have better hydration compared to hyaluronic acid, dead skin cells would be eliminated faster and red, irritated skin would be soothed. But not only that, if prebiotics and postbiotics were also included the benefits of the formulation would be amplified. The prebiotics would feed the good bacteria that live on the skin to help support the skins natural defenses. The postbiotics would provide metabolites and amino acids to help soothe and condition the skin. It was my mission to incorporate all of these probiotics to create what I thought would be the best hand cream for individuals who frequently washed their hands.

I did create that probiotic hand cream and I named it Amaretto and Biotic Hand Remedy. This is one of my favorites in the nuebiome™ line, not only because it’s what started the entire probiotic skin care line, but because its super effective and I finally found a hand cream that works! I felt as if my hands were finally healed. Healed of dryness. Healed of the frustration. Healed from the constant search. Healed of the irritation and the discomfort that I experienced from the constant hand washing.