Prebiotic inulin are non-digestible carbohydrates that support your good bacteria and serve as energy "food" source for good bacteria.

Natural Science

Changes in the prebiotic state of the microflora can promote the growth of bacteria that can shift the microflora out of homeostasis and lead to unwanted skin conditions. Prebiotics selectively support the growth of one or a limited number of bacterial species with studies showing that prebiotics enhances the growth of probiotic bacteria that can help with acne, eczema and photo-aging.


Prebiotic inulin conditions skin and help to stabilize the skin microflora and strengthen the skin barrier.

How Its Used

Every nuebiome™ formulation use prebiotics in the form of both inulin obtained from chicory root to support good bacteria and provide skin conditioning and protective benefits to the skins surface. Find it in Amaretto and Biotic Hand Remedy, Biotic Radiance-Boosting Hydrator and (Glyco-Biotic)™ Ultra-Synbiotic Facial to name a few of our favorites.


Inulin helps to bring the microflora into homeostasis by selectively supporting the growth of beneficial bacteria, encouraging the microbiota to recover faster while harmful bacteria are reduced.

Other Prebiotics 

Alpha-glucan oligosaccharide are prebiotic sugars that deliver energy to support good bacteria. Read more about it HERE


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